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This is the major hub station for the east coast of Scotland:


The station can be considered as being in four sections aligned east/west joined by a main bridge running north/south. the bridge joins the Waverley Steps to the Market Street entrance. These sections are:

In general, the lower numbered platforms lead east, though platforms 8, 9 and 10 are through platforms.

The Main Section of the Station

This is bounded to the north by platforms 2 and 19, whilst platforms 7 and 11 are to the south. The gated section of the station, platforms 12 - 18 leads west from the concourse, whilst the main building, including a variety of food outlets, the travel centre and toilets is on the east side of the concourse. A second building (the North Mall), including food outlets and the left luggage/lost property office is beside platform 2, north of the main building.

There are two access roads, one for authorised vehicles (to the north), the other for taxis and private vehicles (to the south) which run east from the Waverley Bridge into the concourse. The authorised vehicle access road includes a U-turn to the west, beside platform 19, to the British Transport Police building, whilst the taxi access road runs between the concourse and platform 11 to a turning circle to the south of the main building. The short stay car park lies beyond (east of) this turning circle, between platform 4 and 7. A turning north from the taxi access road, just beyond the main building leads to the accessible parking bays.

Platforms 3 and 4 are bay platforms leading east from this section of the station. Platform 3 is reached via platform 2, whilst platform 4 lies beside the taxi access road. Each of these platforms has the track on the left-hand (north) side of the platform, note that there's a siding beyond track 4 and that the tracks between platforms 4 and 7 (which would be tracks 5 and 6) are not for public use.

Platforms 1 and 20

This is a through platform on the north side of the station, of which the east section is platform 1 and the west is platform 20. We presume the division is between the two sets of steps from the main bridge.

Platform 10

This is a through platform along what we believe was the original south side of the station. The lift and stepped entrance/exits to this platform are towards the east end. The platform is curtailed to the east by a siding. There's another siding lying south of the western section of this platform, beyond the station wall.

Platforms 8 and 9

These share an island platform beyond (south of) the original station with platform 8 lyoung south of platform 9. These are through platforms, each of which is divided into an east (E) and west (W) section. We believe the division lies between the steps and lift to/from the main bridge.


There is step-free access to the station via the pavement beside either access road, though these ramps may be a bit steep for some users.

There is stairs, escalators and lift access between the main bridge and the concourse. there is also stairs and lift access between the main bridge, the other platforms and the long stay car park.

We therefore believe this station is accessible to Guide Dog and wheelchair users.

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