This section gives details of the smaller buildings within the station, which can't readily be identified as being within the concourse or on a platform. These are:

The ScotRail Ticket Office


This is within the gated section of the station, to your right before the gate line as you leave the platforms. Note that this building juts across the end of platform 12 plus tracks 12 and 13.


The wall of this building curves out from the fence, eventually being at right angles to the gate line.

There are two entrances/exits, we believe you're supposed to go in via the first door, facing at an angle away from the platforms then leave via the second door, turning right towards the gates.

East Side


South Side, Going West

  customer information desk
2 ticket sales windows

West through South Side

  entrance, automatic door
exit, automatic door

ScotRail First Class Lounge


This is in the gated section of the station, a short distance west of the ScotRail Ticket Office. You go in through the first door in the building on your right as you go towards the gates.


You go in facing south, through automatic doors, down a slight slope.

West side

  Customer Reception Desk

East side, Going South

  coffee, water etc.
bar chairs

South Side

  large TV

There are chairs and desks within the middle of this space.

The North Mall


The rear of this building is between platforms 2 and 19, between the walkway to the short stay car park and the gap towards the escalators and stairs to the bridge. There's a walkway east/west between the front of this and the main building.


This is a rectangular building with:

West End

  West Cornwall Pasty Co.

South Side, Going East

  Cafe Nero
Link cash machine
RBS cash machine
blank door
west door to Left Luggage, closed at the time of our survey
east door to Left Luggage and Lost Property, go through pull door, the desk is in front of you

East End


North Side, Between Platforms 2 and 19


The British Transport Police


This lies south of platform 19, at the west end of the car parking area for Network Rail and BTP vehicles. The building can be reach via the vehicle access road (authorised vehicles only), or You can go to the south of the escalators and continue west. You pass a gap in the railings to platform 19 on your right and a series of blank doors on the left-hand (south) side before going up either a short ramp or single step up towards the BTP building in front of you. You could go in, via an automatic door facing west.

Details of the layout of this building lie beyond the scope of this survey.

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