Platform 10


This is a separate platform on the south side of the original station. We say "original" as the station has been extended to the south to include platforms 8 and 9.

There's a siding off the east end of the platform, which shortens it to the east, whilst there's another siding beside the west section of the platform.

The stepped entrance is towards the east end of the platform, whilst the lift is a few metres west of the foot of the steps.

We understand this platform is used bi-directionally. There's tactile paving along the edge of the platform.

To Reach

Via Steps

From the bridge, you go down six, long landing, seven, long landing then seven then long landing and seven steps, going east to platform level. There's tactile paving at the top and bottom of these steps, which are divided by a double central rail. There's also a hand rail to each side of these steps. The foot of the steps is in a recess with a blank door on the east side. We believe you're near the rear of westbound, or front of eastbound, trains.

Via the Lift

See the lifts page for details.

The door to the lift is opposite the top of the steps, with the call button to your left of the door. Go down to platform level, leave via the other doors and turn right onto the platform. We believe you're beside the rear half of westbound, front half of eastbound, trains.

From the East

  gate and tactile at end
trolley point, departure screen above
4/5 car stop
two gaps towards steps
phone, not for public use
under bridge
gap to lift, enter facing east, call button on right
glass wall west of lift
4 seats
2 and 3 car stop
3 seats
trolley point
phone, not for public use
4 seats
4/5 car stop, CCTV above
departure screen
5/6 car stop
4 seats
mesh fence, siding beyond
platform narrows
gate and tactile at end

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