Platform 4


This is a separate platform leading east from the station. the track is to the left (north) of the platform. The second track north of this is a siding which is not served by platform 3.

To the right (south) is the turning circle for taxis and the short stay car park, followed by the bay tracks 5 and 6, which are not used for public service.

There is no tactile paving along the edge of this platform.

The platform starts with a metal rail along the south side of the platform, the short stay car park lies beyond this. The pillars are also outside (south of) this metal rail.

To Reach

Continue east along the south side of the main building, cross the road to the accessible parking and continue (east) onto platform 4. There's a building, Operations Depot, before the beginning of track 4, which is not for public use. this building also extends north across the back of platform 3.

From the West

  Eurocar rental cabin
vending machine
trolley point
4 seats
4 seats
gap to short stay car park
clock above
platform 41 indicator
4 seats
4 seats
platform narrows
4 seats
railings retreat, the pillars are now on the right-hand side of the platform
platform 42 indicator
end of canopy
rail ends
locked gate, disused platform to right
sand bin
box on post
metal gate and tactile at end

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