Platforms 8 and 9


This is an island platform lying south of the original station, with platform 9 lying north of platform 8. Each platform is divided into two sections, east and west, either side of the lift and steps.

There are two rows of pillars along the island platform, supporting a canopy which only covers these platforms.

There is no tactile paving along the edge of these platforms.

To Reach

These platforms can be reached via lift or steps from the bridge.

Via the Steps

From the bridge, you go down one step, big landing then 12 steps, big landing then 12 steps, going east to platform level. There's tactile paving at the top and bottom of these steps which are divided into two sections by a central rail.

You're facing along the east section of the platforms with platform 8 to your right and platform 9 to your left.

Via the Lift

See the lifts page for details.

Go down to platform level then leave via the other doors. Your facing along the west section of these platforms, with platform 8 to your left and platform 9 to your right.

Platforms 8 - 9 E, from the West

All features are presumed to be in the middle of the island, except for the pillars, which are in the middle of each platform.

  6 car stop (E)
trolley point, departure screen above
box in middle
3 seats facing platform 9
2 vending machines
4 seats facing platform 8
2 x 3 back-to-back seats
2 buildings, not for public use with blank doors
pillars then end of canopy
ScotRail 6 car stop, each platform
lamp posts along middle
gate and tactile at end of each platform

Platforms 8 - 9 W, from the East

  steps going up west to bridge
route under steps is blocked
pillars supporting steps and bridge
blank door on west side of building under steps
lift building, blank door on east
pillar just beyond building
lift door on west, call button to right (south) of door
trolley point, departure screen above
2 x 4 back-to-back seats
3 pairs of pillars
2 x 4 back-to-back seats
end of canopy
post on each platform
post in middle
ScotRail 6 car stop (W)
building, not for public use, is effective end of platforms

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