There are toilets, baby change facilities and showers within the main building. There is also an accessible and unisex toilet in the East Coast First Class Lounge.

This page includes details of those within the main building.

To Reach

The passage leads away from the far right-hand corner as you go into the main building from the concourse. Continue, past the four sets of doors to the Travel Centre, on your right and continue down a slight slope into the passage.


The accessible toilet, shower and baby change is on the right-hand side, before the entrance gates. We noted a sign saying “Please knock door before attempting to use RADAR key”. There is an accessible shower in this space, we noted a sign saying a £5 fee is charged for this service.

At the time of our survey, the entrance fee for the ladies and gents toilets was £0.30, whilst that for a normal shower was £0.50.

There's a vending machine, six pay phones and a change machine on the left-hand side, before the entrance gate.

Inside the gate, the first passage on your right leads to the gents, whilst the second leads to the ladies. There's a normally locked door at the far end of the passage.

We understand there are baby changing facilities in the gents and ladies toilets. there's a single shower in the gents and two in the ladies toilets area.

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