The Travel Centre


The sign outside says, "Self service information, tickets for today, advance travel and reservations."

This is a long, rectangular space with the service machines and desks along the south side and the entrance/exit doors from the food hall on the north. At the time of our survey, it wasn't clear which of these doors is intended as entrance or exit. We believe, however, that the far (east) set of doors is primarily for East Coast services.


You go through the automatic doors, going south. There's tactile matting inside the doors.

West Side

  information boards

South Side, Going East

  12 ticket machines
wall retreats towards six ticket sales desks

There's a Tensa queuing system, go to the east end of the barrier then turn right (180 degrees) . The sales desks are on your left (south).

North Side

  3 sets of automatic doors

East End

  doorway through into East Coast travel centre

This has a continuous desk, with four stations, along the south side and an entrance from the food hall on the north. There's also seating within this space. There's tiled flooring towards the east end, for reasons which weren't clear at the time of our survey.

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