The TICKET Office

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This is a rectangular building, including a waiting area, off the north side of platform 1. There are four pillars in this space and tactile matting inside each door. If you keep straight on, across the matting, you'll miss the pillars.


North Side, Going West

  door from platform
4 seats, can get between these and window
3 benches in waiting area at right angles, running north/south

West Side, Going North

gents toilets
blank door
wall juts east
vending machine
shop, closed at the time of our survey
vending machine
wall retreats
ladies toilets, accessible toilet and baby change

North Side, Going East

  windows, 3 seats to right
entrance from car park.

East side, Going South

wall juts out with billboards
2 ticket sales windows

there are two benches in the middle, facing the ticket sales windows.

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