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Platform 1, although we call it eastbound, is actually bi-directional. There is step-free access to the forecourt via the ticket office or directly from the platform to either side of the building. the ticket office is about in the middle of the platform.

There is step-free access behind the rear of the train on platform 2, westbound, into the business park, though if you want to use the main exit, the quickest way is via the bridge towards the rear of the train. The step-free route between platform 2 and the main entrance involves a significant detour through the local road network, see the Environs page for details.

The doors will open as follows, as you face the front of the train:

There is no tactile paving along the edge of the platforms.

From Which Platform?

  From Platform 1
From Platform 2

From Platform 1

Go towards the middle of the train. You can leave the platform directly to the forecourt via the path to either side of the building or go through the ticket office, the door is about in the middle of the building with a large post to either side of the door.

As you reach the forecourt, the bus stop is opposite the exit from the ticket office, we suggest you go straight across the car park then cross the small verge to reach the shelter.

The taxi pick-up is to your left of the building as you face across the car park, just beyond the end of the path beside the building nearest the rear of the eastbound, (or front of the westbound) train.


From Platform 2

We believe only westbound trains use this platform.

For the Business Park

Go behind the rear of the train, past the steps to the bridge and follow the path, which turns right before turning left again, down a ramp to car park level. We suggest you follow the left-hand rail as the right-hand one ends prematurely, leaving a row of posts guarding a steep, rough descent into the Asda car park.

At the foot of the ramp you're in the car park of the Elgin Marble Company, with a wall between this and the Asda car park to your right. Continue beyond the end of the wall, turn right then move left after a few metres to find the pavement. From here you can continue to Edgar Road. See the Environs page for details of the step-free route to the main entrance.


To the Main Entrance

Turn towards the rear of the train and follow the right-hand side till you reach the steps to the bridge, in front of you. Go up a flight of steps, turn left then go up six steps. Continue, over the slightly hump backed bridge, down six steps before turning left and going down a flight of steps onto platform 1. Follow the instructions from platform 1, above.

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