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Although we call it eastbound, platform 1 is bi-directional, though we believe platform 2 only serves westbound trains.

If you need assistance, you should arrive in sufficient time to find out from which platform your train will depart. Although the route to platform 2 via the bridge is straightforward, the step-free route involves a significant detour through the local road network, see the Environs page for details.

We believe the taxi drop-off is outside the entrance to the ticket office. The bus stop is on Station road, also opposite the entrance to the ticket office and we recommend you cross the small verge and go straight across the car park to reach the building.

To Platform 1

There is step-free access to platform 1 through the ticket office or via one of the paths to either side of the building, which is about in the middle of the platform.

If you go through the ticket office, the sales windows are at the far end of the left-hand side. Note that there are four pillars within this space, beside the inner corners of the tactile matting inside each door, so either go straight forward or go a couple of metres beyond the edge of the matting before turning left towards the ticket sales windows.

For Platform 2

As you reach platform 1, turn left and continue to the steps to the bridge, which are apparently in the middle of the platform. I say "apparently" as the platform passes to the right of the steps, whilst the bit to the left goes down a slope into a walkway which is not for public use. Beware, also, that there's no tactile paving along the edge of the platform.

Having found the steps, go up a flight of steps, turn right then go up six steps onto the bridge. Cross the slightly hump backed bridge, then go down six steps before turning right and going down a flight of steps onto platform 2. You're behind the rear of the train.

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