Platform 1, EASTBOUND

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This is a separate platform along the north side of the station. The main entrance and ticket office are about in the middle of the platform, whilst the bridge is towards the east end.

Note that this platform can be used bi-directionally and it is important to know well in advance on which platform your train, particularly for westbound services, will stop. Although the route to platform 2 via the bridge is quite straightforward, the accessible route involves a long detour through the local road network, see the Environs page for details.

There's no tactile paving along the edge of the platform.

From the West

  slope off end
gravel area between platform and car park
post with Elgin sign, 3 and 4 car stop
waiting room with seating rail on north side
bench, on edge of gravel
covered cycle racks, on edge of gravel
path leading north to car park, cycle lockers, on west side
CCTV post, in middle of path
wall of ticket office starts
windows of waiting area
large post
entrance from ticket office, automatic door
large post
ticket machine, cash and card
normal help point, left for assistance, right for train information
induction loop help point, top button for information, bottom for emergency
blank door
2 venches
square post with departure screen
end of ticket office wall
path through to car park
low rail between platform and car park
post with CCTV in middle
wire mesh fence
bench in middle
steps up east to bridge, in middle

The platform effectively divides at these steps into a walkway on the north and the platform continues on the south. Members of the public are not supposed to follow this walkway.

The platform east of the steps is narrower than that to the west. Continuing east.

  pillar of bridge
pillar of bridge, 3 car stop
slope down
signal post
metal box
slope off end

Note, you can walk underneath the steps to the bridge, be careful.

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