Platform 2, WESTBOUND

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This is a separate platform along the south side of the station. The path from the business park joins from the east and the bridge from platform 1 is also towards the east end.

You're advised to find out from which platform your train will depart sufficiently in advance to change platforms. Although the route via the bridge is straightforward, the accessible route is via the local road network, involving a significant detour. See the Environs page for details.

There's no tactile paving along the edge of this platform.

From the West

  slope off end
gravel with trees etc between platform and wooden fence
post, 4 car stop
post on platform
CCTV post
post, 3 car stop
post with Elgin Sign
CCTV post
waiting room with two doors on platform and seating rail on south side
help point on square post
post with departure screen
post, Elgin sign
wooden fence replaced with wire mesh
locked gate
wooden fence resumes
sand bin
steps up east onto bridge
platform continues north of these steps
pillar supporting steps and bridge
assistance ramp
post with phone, not for public use
post in middle
post in middle, CCTV
post, Elgin sign
platform ends

The path continues right then left and continues, down a ramp parallel with the tracks.

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