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The Customer Reception office is on the lefvt-hand (west) side of the concourse, as you face the platforms. Staff can arrange a guide to your train, or transport if necessary.

The Customer Information point is in the unit opposite the ticket sales area, facing the platforms. The entrance is the far gap from the ticket sales area, you go in, turn left then follow the barrier round to your right to face the three enquiry windows. To leave, turn right and continue back into the concourse, you're facing the platforms.

There's a London Midland ticket and information point immediately left of the entrance to platforms 8 to 11, as you face the platforms. There are also two sales windows to your left beyond the foot of the ramp, just before the gate line.

There's a manned assistance point in front of you as you get out of your taxi. There's also an assistance phone on the wall, pick up the handset and wait for a response. There's also an assistance phone at the top of the stairs towards the taxi pick-up point.

See the Detailed Description of the concourse for details of the above.

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