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The concourse is considered as a rectangular area lying to the south of a wide corridor running east/west across the platform entrances. The ticket sales area and Customer Reception are on the west side, whilst most of the refreshment outlets are on the east. Within the concourse are two retail units on the south side of the corridor and two units towards the south side which include access to taxis and the Underground concourse.

The Corridor

South Side, GoingEast from the Drummond Street Entrance

  British Transport Police
blank door
window of Left Luggage
Left Luggage, go through the door, the desk is in front of you
photo booth
blank door
AMT Coffee
Boots, window then entrance, continues round corner into concourse
gap to concourse
rear of retail unit
gap to concourse
rear of retail unit
gap to concourse
entrance to Upper Crust
9 pay phones
large billboard
blank door
2 photo booths
blank door
2 accessible toilets
blank wall
ladies toilets, 0.30 entrance fee
gents toilets, 0.30 entrance fee

West End, Going North

  doorway to car park and Melton Street
blank door

North Side, Going East

  entrance to platforms 16 - 18, pillar in middle
glass wall
double door into Customer Lounge, press plate on right of door to open
recess with Nat West then RBS cash machines
pillar with defibrillator
wall retreats
Timpson's, dry cleaning shoe repair, key cutting
Paul, bakery
entrance to platforms 12 - 15
Journey's Friend, recessed counter
WH Smith, wide entrance
4 seats
WH Smith entrance
London Midland ticket and information
entrance to platforms 8 - 11
Delice de France, recessed counter
Upper Crust, counter
Burger King
entrance to platforms 4 - 7
West cornwall Pasty Co.
Camden Food Co.
entrance to platforms 1 - 3
The Sloe Bar

Wall juts south, with emergency exit.

East End, Going South

2 change machines

Around the Concourse

East Side, Going South

This includes the two entrances to the food area. Although we believe signage refers to Burger King and Delice de France, we noted these are now on the north side of the corridor. The remaining food area is a U-shaped space with chairs and tables. Going clockwise from the north entrance::

North Arm

  Millie's Cookies

East Section, Going South

  Upper Crust, also entrance from corridor
Harry Ramsden's

South Arm, Going West

  M&S Simply Food, alternative entrance outside station
Cafe Ritazza

East Side of Concourse, Going South

  Millie's Cookies
north entrance, towards Upper Crust
steps to Britannia Bar and VT First Class Lounge
currency exchange
south entrance, towards Cafe ritazza, Harry Ramsden's and M&S Simply Food
WH Smith
Fat Face, clothes
passage leading east to two doors out towards Eversholt Street with pillar between

South Side, Going West

  4 doors out to plaza
HSBC cash machine
Tie Rack
Mr Humbug
Sweet Express
3 doors onto plaza

West Side, Going North

The passage to the southwest exit, towards Melton Street has now been restored, including lifts to the taxi rank and Underground concourse. This is followed by the new ticket sales area, which is considered in two sections, then Customer Reception and Boots.

The Passage Towards Melton Street

South Side, Going West
  2 lifts
North side

The South Section of the Ticket Sales Area

South Side, Going West
  3 ticket machines
2 ticket machines, cash and card
4 ticket machines
leaflet rack
2 ticket machines
2 ticket machines
large pillar
2 ticket machines
West End
  VT First Class Coffee Lounge
North Side, Going East
  12 ticket machines
large pillar
6 ticket machines

There's a pillar/sign post in the middle of this space.

The North Section of the Ticket Sales Area

This section is a triangular space with a Tensa queuing system in front of it, you go "right, left, right left" to reach the desks.

West Side
  11 ticket sales booths numbered 1 to 11 from the left (south)

Number 12 is in the corner.

Northeast Side of this Space
  seven ticket sales booths, numbered 12 to 18, from the northwest
wall veers left (east)
3 billboards

Continuing North

  Customer Reception, desk on right

North Side, South of the Corridor, Going West

  gap, almost opposite entrance to platforms 4 - 7 Body Shop
gap, across entrance to platforms 8 - 11
gap, almost opposite entrance to platforms 12 - 15

Within the Concourse

There are three pillars, in a row east/west across the concourse, to the south of these units. The first, (east) pillar is almost opposite the Body Shop, whilst the third (west) pillar is almost opposite Paperchase.

There are two units south of the pillars which include the stairs and escalators to the Underground concourse and taxi rank.

The East Unit

This is a few metres west of WH Smith.

North Side, Going West

  T M Lewin, men's clothes
assistance phone
2 sets of stairs to taxi rank, car park and Express Cars (prebooked)

East Side


West Side, Going South

  post box
Delicious Breakfast
Cranberry, counter on corner

South Side


The West Unit

This is a few metres east of the ticket sales area.

West Side


North Side, Going East

wall juts north with leaflet rack
information point, facing north

There's a separate entrance and exit to this space. You go in through the left-hand (east) opening, turn left (east) then follow the barrier round (west). There are three information desks in front of you. To leave, turn right (north) and leave via the west opening.

Continuing East
West Side, Going South
  escalator from taxi rank and Chaplain's office
stairs to taxi rank and Chaplain's office
South Side
East side
  trolley point

East Side, Going South

  trolley point
escalator from Underground concourse
central stairs
escalator to Underground concourse
blank wall

south Side


The Upper Level

To Reach

From the concourse, go up 10 steps, going east, turn right (180 degrees), up 10 steps, going west, turn right again (180 degrees) and go up 6 steps, going east onto a landing.

The Landing

North Side

  First Class lounge

East Side

  Medi Centre, (health centre, not first aid)

South Side

  Britannia Pub

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