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The station complex is considered to be in a rectangle bounded by Euston Road (south), Eversholt Street (east) and Melton Street (west). Euston Road runs approximately East-West, whilst Eversholt Street and Melton Street run North from Euston Road. As you go north along Melton Street, you cross Euston Street, then Drummond Street, each of which is opposite entrances/exits to the station.

Euston bus station is on the north side of Euston Road, separated from the station by a plaza area. The plaza is a wide area full of steps, benches, statues, gardens and play equipment. A corridor, which we'll call the south corridor, runs east/west across the front of the station, between the building itself and the plaza.

Entrances and Exits

There are nine entrances/exits to this station:

The East Entrance

From the southeast corner of the concourse, doors towards Eversholt Street lead into a wide area off the east end of the south corridor. On the left (north) side, you pass an entrance to M&S Simply Food, 3 Barclays cash machines, another entrance to M&S and a blank door. There are 14 steps down to Eversholt Street from the middle of the east end of this area. there's a collection of obstacles finishing with a rail to either side of these steps.

The Southeast Entrance

This leads onto the south corridor and offers the easier route to the bus station, visit the Find the Bus Station page for more details.

The Southwest Entrance

This leads onto the south corridor. Although you can reach the streets from here, it is easier to take one of the side exits towards either Eversholt or Melton streets.

The West Entrance

From the southwest corner of the concourse, you go (west) along a passage, passing the lifts to the Underground concourse to your left before you reach the doors towards Melton Street which lead into a wide area. On the right (north) is a bike hire space followed by a Sainsbury's store. There are 4 steps from the west end of this area into Melton Street.

The Drummond Street Entrance

From the door at the west end of the corridor which runs across the north side of the concourse, cross tactile mat into a short corridor with two blank doors in the left-hand (south) wall and a railing on your right. The door at the west end leads to the car park. Turn right (north) down the slope. There's pavement on each side, a wall to your left and a rail to your right. At the foot of the slope is a T-junction. To the right is a vehicle entrance to the station and to the left an open gateway into Melton Street, opposite the end of Drummond Street. Please note that although pedestrians can and do use this entrance/exit, the roadways are primarily for vehicle access to the station and the small car park so must be used with caution.

From the Taxi Drop-Off Point

You can use the escalator (up only) or stairs to bring you into the concourse or use the lifts to bring you onto the south side of the passage towards Melton Street, see the lifts page for details. The taxi will normally stop outside the Network Rail entrance which contains an assistance point which is often manned, though you can phone for assistance if necessary.

To Use the Lift or Escalator

From the taxi, continue to the wall in front of you then turn right then take the turning left. You can follow the wall round to your left (west then south) towards the lift) or turn right (east) and continue through the doors and up the escalator, going east, into the concourse.

To Use the Steps

Alternatively, if you prefer to use the steps, carry on east from the taxi to the wall in front of you and locate the steps, going up from the corner. Go up three steps going east, turn left (north) up a flight of steps and right (east), up another flight of steps into the concourse. The stairs and escalator bring you onto the east side of the unit opposite the ticket sales area, turn left to face the platforms.

To Reach the Car Park

From the taxi, continue, past the recess to your left, down the slope then take the turning left. Turn left again (west), go down two flights of steps then follow the passage which turns right then left again. The entrance to the car park is on your left, after a few metres.

In the Concourse, to/from the Underground Concourse

The main entrance/exit to the Underground station is in the east side of the unit opposite the ticket sales area. See our guide to Euston Underground Station for more details.

In the London Overground and London Midland Section to/from Underground Concourse

The second entrance/exit to the Underground station is at the foot of the ramp to platforms 8 to 11. Turn left (180 degrees from the foot of the ramp, continue down two flights of steps and follow the passage, which slopes down. Turn right at the end into the Underground concourse. See our guide to Euston Underground Station for more details.

To the Taxi Pick-Up Point and Car Park

The exit to the taxi rank and car park leads south from the northwest corner of the unit opposite WH Smith. You go down nine then nine steps, going south. These steps are divided by a central rail. You then follow a short passage (south). For the taxi pick-up, turn right (west), go down 12 steps, going west and turn right to the taxi pick-up point. For the car park, turn left (east) go down 12 steps, going east, then follow the path, which curves left (north then west). Take the first turn right (north), then turn left (west) and go down 16 then seven steps, going west. Turn left (north) and almost immediately right (west). The pedestrian entrance to the car park is on your left (south) after a few metres.

Local Road Crossings

Eversholt Street

There's a crossing of Eversholt Street, a few metres to your left from the foot of the steps, across a narrow entry. This crossing has a sounder with the post and push button to your right as you cross in either direction..

Melton Street

There's a zebra crossing of Melton Street, just to your left (11 o'clock) from the foot of the steps.

Euston road

There are crossings of Euston Road, near the corners of both Melton and Eversholt streets. These are complex, multi-stage crossings and you may find easier alternatives; see our recommended route to RNIB Judd Street and our recommended route to Euston Square Station.

Local Buses

The details of buses serving Euston Bus Station lie beyond the scope of this survey. See our "Find the Bus Station" page for our recommended route.

Local Features

The South Corridor

South Side, Going West from the Corner of the Station Building

Cafe Cucina
gap towards bus station
Cafe Nero
vacant unit
Pret a Manger

North side, Going West from the Top of the Steps to Eversholt Street

  M&S Simply Food
wall juts out with station entrance leading west
southeast entrance/exit to station
Banger Bros.
Bagel Factory
Square Pie, closed at the time of our survey
Doughnuts and Coffee
West Cornwall Pasty Co.
southwest entrance/exit to station
wall retreats with station entrance leading east

The Taxi Area

This is considered as a rectangular space at Level 1, between the Mainline and Underground stations. Taxis come into this area from Melton Street, going east past the drop-off point then curve right (south through west) to pass the pick-up point then leave the station.

A metal rail leads around the outside of the pavement between the drop-off and pick-up points. Note this can be quite dirty.

Going around the outside of this space:

North Side, Going East

  recess to drop-off area
slope down
recess to car park and Underground station

East Side, Going South

  steps to mainline station
up slope
wall with fire extinguishers

South Side, Going West

  blank wall
steps from mainline station towards car park
blank wall, down slight slope
steps from mainline to pick-up point, rail along middle of pavement for queue
pick-up point

The Recess at the Drop-Off Point

From the taxi, continue (east) then take the turning left, there's a usually staffed assistance point and an assistance phone in front of you. Turn right then take the turning left towards the lifts and escalator, you're now in an area with:

South Side, Going West
  gap from taxi area
recess to lifts
West and North Sides

You go through a door leading east to:

East Side, Going South
  escalator to mainline concourse
Chaplain's office

The Recess to the Car Park and Underground Station

As you turn into this recess, the steps to-from the car park and Underground concourse are to your left (west), whilst a service passage, not for public use, leads to your right (east).

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