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Face away from the platforms, follow the right-hand side of the concourse to the wall then turn right, (west). The door you need is in front of you. Note that the south facing doors lead you into the plaza towards the bus station which is not the easiest route.

Go through the door and continue heading west till you reach 4 steps down into Melton Street. At the foot of the steps turn left and almost immediately you find the tactile paving leading to the Zebra crossing.

Cross the Zebra, which is a double crossing with a tactile island in the middle to arrive on the corner of the west side of Melton Street and the south side of Euston Street. Turn left (south) and continue to the corner, Euston Road. Turn right (west) and continue, following the frontage on your right till you locate some bike stands, these are immediately before the entrance to Euston Square station, on your right.

If you reach the corner (North Gower Street), you've overshot. Turn back and pass a coffee shop. The wall between the pavement and the stairs to the station juts out, with a paper stand, towards Euston Road. This is a very cluttered corner. Go round the paper stand to locate the stairs into the station which lead away from Euston Road.

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