Platforms 16 - 18

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Platform 16 is a separate platform along the east side of a vehicle area. Although track 17 lies along the west side of this, platform 17 and 18 share an island platform near the west side of the station.

There is tactile paving along the edge of these platforms.

To Reach

There is a common entrance to platforms 16, 17 and 18 from the west end of the north side of the corridor. The right-hand (east) side has a glass wall, the left is tiled. A pillar in the centre marks the top of a ramp down, with railings both sides and in the centre. Opposite the bottom of the ramp is an open space with platform 16 to your right.

The central area of this space is reserved for vehicles, with speed humps. Left of the vehicle area is the concrete wall of a ramp up, not for public access.

From the bottom of the ramp, turn 90 degrees left (west) and cross empty space about 20 metres and meet a railing guarding the east side of track 17 barred by a gate some way to the right (north) which is not used by the public. Turn left (south) and follow the railing right (west) and right again (north) onto a wide island for platforms 17 and 18.

To Leave Platforms 17 and 18

As you come back from platforms 17 and 18, you find a wall at the south end of the space.

South Wall, Going East from Opposite Platform 18

  wall juts north, for a short way to a girder
top of unguarded stairs
goods lift door
wall juts north
blank door
wall retreats south
2 blank doors
wall juts north

East Side

  blank door
Portakabin Juts west

Portakabin, South Side

  blank door

Portakabin, West Side

  trolley point
blank door

Continuing South Side, past the Portakabin

  north side of Portakabin
vehicle ramp up south

East Side, the Railing

  speed hump
4 seats
railing ends

When you reach the end of the railing, turn right (180 degrees) to return up the ramp to the corridor.

Platform 16

Platform 16 extends back past the entrance ramp, but this part is not for public access. The left-hand (west) side of the platform is marked by a row of girders and pillars.

Going North from the Foot of the Ramp

  4 girders
girder with digital clock above
trolley point
4 pillars
trolley point
6 pillars
trolley point
3 pillars
7 girders

The next girder is at the southeast corner of a brick structure which marks the end of the platform. Just beyond this is a ramp down to the track.

Platforms 17 and 18

Platform 17 has a railing at first, then a tactile strip near the edge. The platform is very wide at first, narrowing to the north, ending with a ramp down to the track.

Platform 18 has a tactile strip near the edge and a row of pillars and girders marking the east side.

Going North from the Start of the Island Platform

  brick wall across end
railing on track edge
tactile strip
7 girders
trolley point
5 pillars
trolley point
7 pillars
name board with 2 posts
2 girders
slope off end

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