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The following shops and kiosks were found in the corridor and concourse at the time of our survey.

Accessorize On the north side of the building towards the southwest corner of the concourse. Bear left (11 o'clock) from the doors from Melton Street to locate the building, turn left and follow the building round to your right.
Bodyshop Kiosk between the corridor and concourse, nearer the food area.
Boots In the far left-hand corner of the concourse as you face the platforms, there's an entrance just beyond customer Reception and another on the left-hand side of the corridor nearly opposite the entrance to platforms 12 to 15
Currency Express The counter is on the east side of the concourse, between the entrances to the food area, just to your right of the steps.
Fat Face On the corner of the passage towards Eversholt Street, turn right from this passage into the concourse, the entrance is before WH Smith
Medi Centre (health centre) On the upper level, in front of you at the top of the steps (three flights).
Paperchase On the north side of the concourse, the kiosk nearer Customer Reception, between the concourse and the corridor
T M Lewin On the north side of the unit beside WH Smith, towards the south side of the concourse. The entrance is between WH Smith and the steps to the taxi rank
Tie Rack On the south side of the concourse, beside the escalator well to the Underground station
Timpsons dry cleaning, shoe repair and key cutter, kiosk On the north side of the corridor, just beyond the entrance to platforms 16 to 18, as you approach the concourse from the Drummond Street entrance.
WH Smith On the east side of the concourse, near the southeast corner, next to the doors towards Eversholt Street
On the north side of the corridor, between the entrances to platforms 12 to 15 and 8 to 11.

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