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So as not to fragment this too much, we'll consider this as including the space at street level as well as the ticket office itself, which is at platform level. There is stairs and lift access between these two sections.

The Street level section is a passage running east/west between the two entrances. The lift and stairs lead from the south side of this passage.

The low level section is a Y-shaped space with the main passage running west from the foot of the stairs. The ticket sales window is on the south side, whilst the lift is on the north. Beyond these, the passage forks so that the entrance to platform 1, eastbound, leads northwest, whilst that to platform 2, westbound leads southwest.

The Upper Level

North Side


East End

  east entrance, double door towards walkway to Exhibition Centre

South Side, Going West

  steps, south towards ticket office
rail jutting east, south of this is the ramp to the lift, call button north of door

West End

  west entrance, double door

The Stairs

You go down three steps, going south into a rectangular space with:

East Side

  steps to ticket office

South Side

  departure screen

West side


North Side

  three steps up north into foyer

The Steps to the Ticket Office

You go down 16 steps, going east, turn left (180 degrees, west) then go down 16 steps, going west, into the ticket office.

The Ticket Office at Platform Level

West End, Going Northeast from the Doors to Platform 2

departurescreen for platform 2
bench with billboard above
wall veers left (northwest)
departure screen for platform 1
doors to platform 1, leading northwest

North Side, Going Southeast from the Doors to Platform 1

wall veers left (east)
blank door
slight slope up
clock above
rail beside ramp to lift
ramp leading west to lift

East Side, Going South

  steps up east towards street level
passage to unisex, accessible toilet, button south of door

South Side, Going West

Station Supervisor's office
ticket sales window with induction loop
wall veers left (southwest)
pay phone, card only
billboards, station facilities
doors to platform 2, leading southwest

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