The ISLAND Platform

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This is an island platform running approximately east/west with platform 1, serving eastbound trains towards glasgow, Lanark, Larkhall and Motherwell lying north of platform 2, serving westbound trains towards Dalmuir, and Milngavie.

Platform 2 is longer than platform 1. The usable area of platform 2 extends a couple of metres east of platform 1. The west end of platform 2 includes bike storage and advertising space which extend beyond the ticket office, whilst platform 1 extends just a few metres west of the entrance from the ticket office.

There is no tactile paving along the edge of either platform.

To Reach

There is level access via push/pull double doors from the ticket office. Note that these doors are at an angle leading northwest/southeast onto platform 1 and northeast/southwest, onto platform 2.

From the East

An open island platform with features along the middle continues to the ticket office building.

The Island Platform

  slope off end
stanchion in middle
fence around driver's monitor on platform 1
6 car stop, platform 1
gravel service with drainage channel along middle
lamp post, Exhibition Centre
post, CCTV on platform 1
post, CCTV in middle
lamp post, platform 1 and 2 signs
lamp post
post, CCTV in middle of platform 2
building starts, sand bin on east side

Platform 1, Eastbound

There are five large, brick pillars along the middle of the platform.

pillar in middle, CCTV
pillar in middle
pillar in middle
billboards and timetables
pillar in middle
help point
pillar in middle
2 benches, billboards above
departure screen
2 benches, billboards above
wall retreats at entrance
doors from ticket office, leading northwest
wall leading northwest
post, Platform 1, Way Out
wall continues to slope off end

Platform 2, Westbound

wall retreats
CCTV on wall
post, CCTV in middle
wall juts out with glass, blank doors on east side
2 benches beside wall
wall juts out, departure screen above
2 benches
lamp post, in middle
help point
wall juts out a few inches beyond this at a sharp angle pointing west, beware!
wall retreats across entrance
canopy, with pillar, outside entrance
bike lockers and racks on wall
row of three posts, across platform
lamp post, platform 2, Way Out sign, in middle
high billboard along middle
platform narrows
post, CCTV in middle
post, 3 and 6 car stop, in middle, lamp post near wall
slope off end

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