The TICKET Office

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You go in through automatic doors, going south into a short lobby with no door on the south side.

Beyond this is an irregular shaped space with the entrance door on the north side, the kiosk and passage to toilets on the northwest, the exit to platform 1 on the south and the ticket sales windows on the east.


South Side, Going West

  2 x 4 seats, windows above
departure screen above
automatic doors to platform 1
planter, departure screen above
8 seats

West Side, Going North

paper rack
wall veers right (northeast)
door to toilets
kiosk, paper stands jutting out
wall retreats north

West Side, Going North

blank door

North Side

  lobby of entrance, leading north

East Side, Going South

  Station Supervisor's office
pay phone in recess
wall veers left (southeast)
2 ticket sales windows, with fixed height counters and induction loops

The Passage to Toilets

Go through the door (northwest) into a short passage with:

Southwest Side, Going Northwest

  unisex, accessible toilet
gents toilet

Northwest end

  ladies toilet

Northeast Side

  blank door

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