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This is the terminus station on the line from Glasgow Queen Street via Cumbernauld and a through station on the line from Edinburgh to Dunblane.


The tracks run approximately east/west between separate platforms, with platform 1, serving eastbound trains towards Edinburgh, lying north of platform 2, serving westbound trains towards Glasgow and Dunblane.

The ticket office is towards the east end of platform 1, whilst a bridge, about in the middle of the station, provides stairs access between platforms.


There is level access between the north car park and platform 1. There is a short, steep ramp between the south car park and platform 2. There is therefore, ramp access between platforms via Garrison Place and Grahams Road, thogh some sections of this route may be steep for some users.

We therefore believe this station is accessible to Guide Dog users. Platform 1 is accessible to wheelchairs, though some users may find the ramp to platform 2 a bit steep.

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