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There is step-free access to platform 1, eastbound, from the forecourt, through or beside the ticket office. There is stairs-only access between the platforms via the bridge. The step-free route to platform 2, westbound, is via a subway beyond the car park or the footpath running west from the station, which lies beyond the scope of this survey. See the Environs page for details of the subway.

There's a stairs-only entrance to the east end of platform 1 from Slamannan Road and the cul de sac off the end of High Station Road. See the Environs page for details.

The directions in this page are confined to the route from the main entrance, from the forecourt, and from platform 1 to platform 2 via the bridge. Note that the foot of the steps to the bridge is in the middle of the platform, you can pass to either side of these steps as you walk along the platform. Note also that you can walk underneath these steps as you move away from the Slamannan Road entrance.

There's tactile paving along the edge of each platform.

From the Forecourt

We believe the taxi drop-off point is beyond the entrance to the station. Turn back from here, following the right-hand side. You'll pass the first gap onto the platform, then the ramp to the ticket office, followed by the second gap onto the platform, beyond the building. Through either gap, you go up a slight slope, avoiding barriers, onto the platform.

For the ticket office, go up the ramp and continue through the door in front of you. The ticket sales windows are on your right. If you turn sharp right, the left-hand window is in front of you. Turn right, (180 degrees), continue into the waiting area then turn left (180 degrees) through the door onto the platform. We believe you're near the rear of the train.

To Platform 2

If you came onto platform 1 from the forecourt, turn left, otherwise continue forward. Follow the left-hand side to the steps to the bridge. You go up a flight of steps, turn right then go up another flight onto the bridge. Continue, over the bridge then down a flight of steps in front of you before turning right and going down a flight of steps to platform level. We believe you're beside the rear half of most trains.

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