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If possible, you should arrange for assistance in advance by phone.

In the Lower Concourse

There's an assistance button on the left-hand side of the lower concourse, as you come in via the main entrance. This is at wheelchair height, about a metre beyond the lift.

In the Tower Concourse

You can ask for assistance at the ticket sales windows to your left as you come in, or at the manual gate which is at the left-hand end of the gate line, in front of you as you come into the station.

In the Upper Concourse

In the upper concourse, you can ask for assistance at the travel information desk on the left-hand side of the concourse as you face the platforms.

Staff are also available at the manual gate, which is at the right-hand end of the gate line as you face the platforms.

On the Platforms

There's a help point on the rear of the stairwell near the concourse on each island platform. These have a rectangular housing with a speaker grill at the top and two buttons. The top button is for assistance, whilst the bottom one is for emergencies.

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