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There are two island platforms which are joined by the upper concourse beyond the front of the arriving train and by a subway towards the rear. Platforms 1 - 2 lie to your left of platforms 3 - 4, as you face the front of the arriving train.

The doors will open on your right if you arrive at platforms 1 or 3, otherwise on your left as you face the front of the train.

There is no tactile paving along the edge of these platforms.

Via the Upper Concourse

It may be easier to continue beyond the front of the train, to the gate line then move inline with the platform you want. If you're not confident about doing this without tactile paving, you could ask for assistance at the manual gate which is at the left-hand end of the gate line.

Via the Subway

This may be behind the rear of the arriving train. There are two sets of stairs into the subway from each platform. In either case, you go down two flights of steps into the subway, turn towards the platform you need then take the turning up two flights of steps onto the platform. Again, you may be beyond the front of the train.

Note that, when going towards platforms 3 - 4, the downward steps towards the tower concourse, are beyond the turnings to the platform.

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