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The station is in the southeast corner of the junction between Fenchurch Street (east/west) and Fenchurch Place (south).

Fenchurch Place leads south, past the station building before turning west along the south side of a pedestrianised square. London Street leads south from Fenchurch Street along the west side of the square before turning west and becoming the continuation of Fenchurch Place. The southward portion of London Street is pedestrianised. Traffic along Fenchurch Place is one way, south then west.

The station building extends east from here, at a higher level, to cross Crutched Friars (east/west) and Coopers Row (north/south).

Note that Coopers Row leads south, via Trinity Square, towards Tower Hill Station.

Entrances and Exits

The station has two entrances/exits, the main entrance off Fenchurch Place and the Tower Entrance from Coopers Row.

The Main Entrance

You leave Fenchurch Place facing east into the lower concourse, from here there is lift, escalator and stairs access to the upper concourse at platform level.

The Tower Entrance

You enter the tower concourse facing north, you go up three steps, going north, from street level. From here, there is stairs-only access to the platforms. This is the easier entrance to find from Tower Hill and Tower Gateway stations.

Local Road Crossings

Fenchurch Street

There's a single-stage crossing just west of London Street. The crossing has tactile paving and sounder. The post with push button and rotating cone is to your right as you cross in either direction.

Fenchurch Place

This is a quiet side street for taxis and other traffic serving the station. Note that traffic flows one way, to the south then west.

Coopers Row

This is one of the quiet side streets which crosses Crutched Friars and Pepys Street before reaching Trinity Square which is adjacent to Tower Hill Station.

Local Buses

On the South Side of Fenchurch Street

Stop T, just west of Fenchurch Place, serving buses towards London Bridge, 40.

On the North Side of Fenchurch Street

Stop V, opposite Stop T, serving buses towards Aldgate, 40.

Local Features

South Side of Fenchurch Street, Going West

  station building
Fenchurch Place
pedestrianised area
Bus Stop T
PrÍt a Manger
London Street, pedestrianised
crossing of Fenchurch Street

East Side of Fenchurch Place, Going North

  Timpson's Shoe Repairs
station entrance>, 3 doors
blank door
blank door to Burger King
taxi rank on left
offices on right
pavement slopes down to left
pavement slopes down to right
pavement levels out
Fenchurch Street

Outside the Main Entrance

There's a large clock and a Starbucks in the pedestrianised square.

Outside the Tower Entrance

The entrance is near the junction of two quiet side streets, there are no features of interest adjacent to this entrance.

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