The Platforms

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There are two island platforms 1 - 2 and 3 - 4 such that platforms 3 - 4 lie north of platforms 1 - 2.

The platforms lead east from the upper concourse. A subway near the east end links both island platforms to the tower concourse.

There is no tactile paving along the edge of the platforms.

To Reach

From the subway, you can either go up 14 then 14 steps, going west, or 17 then 11 steps, going east. At the time of our survey, it wasn't clear which route is intended as entrance or exit.

There's a help point behind the west steps on each island platform. These help points have two buttons in a rectangular housing. The top button is for assistance, whilst the bottom one is for emergency.

Platforms 1 - 2 from the west

  row of pillars along middle.
rear of departing train beside first pillar.
vending machine on platform 1
4 seats between pillars
4 seats between pillars
4 seats
billboard and seat
4 seats
4 seats
top of steps down east
rails beside stairwell
help point on east side of stairwell
rear of steps going down west
pillars along rest of platform

Platforms 3 - 4, from the West

  pillar, beside rear of train.
vending machine on second pillar
seats and billboard
steps down east to subway
rail to each side of stairwell
help point on rear of stairwell, nearer platform 4
rear of east steps to subway
rail to each side of stairwell
steps down west to subway
pillars to end

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