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The quickest and easiest route is via the Tower exit, though we'll include the route from the main entrance for completeness.

From the Tower Exit

You leave the station and continue along the left-hand side of Coopers Row, to Trinity Square. You continue, past Trinity House, before you reach the exit-only building of Tower Hill Station on your left. You turn left, beyond this then right down six steps, before turning right again and continuing into the station.

From the Main Exit

Turn left along Fenchurch Place and follow the pavement round to your right. Take the turning left into New London Street. There are two post boxes on the pavement at the beginning of this street.

New London Street continues south from the junction of Fenchurch Place and London Street. Go down 12 steps, going south. There's a billboard in the middle of the street, then another step down south. Continue south, into Hart Street and turn left (east). Cross an entry, then continue into Crutched Friars. cross a car park entrance, then continue under the station building. Cross Crutched Friars, turn left then right (south) into Coopers Row. Continue, under the station again. You pass the Tower exit from the station to your left. Continue across Trinity Square, past the exit-only building of Tower Hill Station on your left. Turn left, continue past the exit from the station on your left then turn right, down six steps then turn right again (west) and continue into the station.

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