The TOWER Concourse

Describe Online

This is a rectangular space with the entrance from Coopers Row on the south and the steps into the subway leading north. The ticket sales windows are on the left-hand side as you come in.

To Reach

The Subway

South End

  blank wall

Each Side, Going North

  steps to/from platforms 1 - 2
steps to/from platforms 3 - 4

Go down 16 steps, going north, turn left (west) then left (south) then go down nine steps, going south, into the tower concourse.

Inside the Gates

West Side, Going South

  West Cornwall Pasty Co

East Side, Going South

  Link cash machine beside foot of steps
veer left
Nero Express

There's a large pillar in the middle of this space.

South Side, Going East

  manual gate
4 entrances
4 exits

Outside the Gates

West Side, Going South

  2 ticket sales windows, tactile mat outside
leaflet rack
2 billboards
blank door
ticket machine
fire point

South Side

  entrance/exit, tactile flooring inside three steps down south to street

East Side, Going North

  magazine rack
Sweet Express
blank door

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