The Upper Concourse

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This is a rectangular space with the platforms leading east and the lift, escalators and stairs from the lower concourse near the west end. The ticket sales windows are on the west side, whilst the travel information desk is on the north.

To Reach

You can reach the upper concourse via the lift, escalator or either of two sets of stairs. The left-hand escalator is normally the one you need.

Via the Stairs

There are two sets of stairs from the lower concourse. The main stairs are those to the left (north) of the escalators, you go up 13, 12 then 13 steps, going east into the upper concourse.

The second set of stairs leave from the northeast corner of the lower concourse. You go up seven steps, going north, turn right (180 degrees) then up ten steps, going south. Turn right (180 degrees), go up 11 steps, going north, then turn right (180 degrees) and go up ten steps, going south to the upper concourse.

Outside the Gates

West Side, Going South

  3 ticket sales windows, queue from right (north)
Cards Galore
stairwell to left with seats, bank of three phones at each end
Whistlestop Food and Wine
the Fen, pub

South Side, Going East

  blank door
seats each side
seating area on right
West Cornwall Pasty Co.
Upper Crust
end of stairwell on left
blank door
ticket machine
2 quick ticket machines
Station Office

East Side, Going North

  manual gate
16 automatic gates, no clear pattern of entrance/exits
paper rack

North Side, Going West

  2 Nat West cash machines
Lloyds TSB cash machine
travel information window, tactile flooring outside
blank door
WH Smith, 2 entrances
blank door
steps down north to lower concourse
blank door
lift, call button left of door, down only

Inside the Gates

There is a short space between the gate line and the platforms, with no features of interest.

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