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The station building is along the north side of a triangular forecourt, opposite the north end of the High Street. This forecourt is bounded to the southeast by Belford Road (northeast/southwest) and to the west by the car park.

An unnamed road runs along the west side of the station building, between the station and the bus station.

Entrances and Exits

The station has two step-free entrances/exits:

The Main Entrance

There's a very steep dropped kerb and four bollards along the kerb side of the pavement outside the entrance. You go through a set of automatic doors, across tactile matting, then continue (north) along a short passage, through another set of automatic doors into the ticket office.

The West Entrance

You go through a set of automatic doors then continue (east) through a short passage, into the ticket office.

Local Road Crossings

Belford Road

The top of the ramp to the subway is about ten metres west of the main entrance. You go down the ramp, going southwest before veering left (south) and continuing down the ramp, then under Belford Road. There's a hand rail on the right-hand side of this ramp.

The subway continue south to steps, going up south to the High Street. You go up 12 then 13 steps, going south, to street level. These steps are divided by a central rail, we believe you're supposed to keep left. There's a long(ish) landing between the two flights of steps.

Alternatively, you can turn right then left (180 degrees) going up the ramp to street level.

The Unnamed Road

There is no formal crossing of this road. There's a colour contrasted speed hump outside the station entrance, though this may not be very obvious as there's no tactile paving at either end of it. Traffic moves one way, from your left (south) as you leave the station.

Local Buses

The Bus Station

There are eight stances within a shelter on the opposite (west) side of the unnamed road.

To Reach

Leave the station via the west exit and cross the unnamed road. A covered walkway runs north/south between the unnamed road and the Morrisons car park. You continue north, past the taxis on your right, till you reach the wall of Morrisons on your left. The stance for Shields Buses is on the east side of the pavement before the shelter.


The bus station itself is a single shelter running north/south with the entrance from the south via a pull door. there are eight stances, in pairs, marked by openings on the east side, numbered 1 to 8 from the south.

There are bench seats along the left-hand (west) side and a blank wall at the north end. A drainage channel runs north/south just inside the openings on the east side.

The Stances

Rail Replacement Buses

The stance for rail replacement buses is on the far (south) side of the island in the forecourt.

Local Taxis

Outside the Station

Taxis sometimes park on the opposite (west) side of the unnamed road, slightly to your right (north) of the station entrance, but these cannot be guaranteed.

There's a vehicle drop-off point outside the main entrance, note the steep dropped kerb outside this entrance.

In the High Street

The main taxi rank is on the right-hand (west) side of the High Street.

Continue south from the top of the steps from the subway. The pavement goes up via a ramp on the east side of the pavement or six steps on the west. The taxi rank is outside WH Smith. You can go down four steps, going east, off this raised pavement, to the taxi rank.

Alternatively, you can walk along the pedestrianised roadway to avoid this raised pavement.

Accessible Taxis

We found J & S accessible taxis, phone 01397 701112.

Local Features

West Side of Station Building, Going South

  ramp leading east to Shop Mobility office
phone box
station entrance
door to Caledonian MacBrayne and travel agent offices
wall with windows

The Forecourt

There's an island in the middle, with the bus stop for rail replacement buses on the far (south) side.

North side, Going West

  wall with windows
main entrance to station, 4 bollards on kerb
wall, 2 disabled persons parking bays to left
top of subway leading southwest

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