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Between March and October, the station becomes very crowded at about 16:00 with people leaving the steam train from Mallaig.

The doors will normally open on your left as you face the front of the train, arriving on platform 1. If you arrive on platform 2, the doors will open on your right.

There is no tactile paving along the edge of either platform.

To the Exits

Go beyond the front of the trrain, between the bollards at the end of the platform and continue through the automatic doors into the ticket office.

From here, you can turn right and continue, via a short passage, to the west exit. Alternatively, you can continue forward towards the main exit. You go through a set of automatic doors, then continue, past the cafe to your left, then through another set of doors to the exit.

See the environs page for details of local taxis and buses.

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