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In addition to the ticket sales windows within the station, there are two offices in the west side of the station building, just south of the west entrance. One of these sells tickets for Caledonian MacBrayne ferry services and Citylink buses, whilst the other is a travel agent.

To Reach

Leave the station via the west entrance, turn left and go through the first door on your left. You go up a slight slope then over a lip in the floor. The Caledonian MacBrayne office is to your left, whilst the travel agent is to your right.

The Caledonian MacBrayne Office

You go through a pull door going north into the office, there are two desks, with chairs, in front of you. We found that the door had a heavy spring at the time of our survey.

The Travel Agent

You go through a push door going south into the office. We found that this door had a heavy spring at the time of our survey. There's a pillar in the middle of this space with leaflets around the south and west walls. The desk is to your left (east).

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