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As you face the front of the train, the doors will open on your right of northbound trains, towards Edinburgh, otherwise on your left.

This station has a single, bi-directional platform with tactile paving along the edge.

Although there is ramp and stairs access from the platform, the ramp is probably more convenient, though we include directions via the steps for completeness.

To Which Exit?

  Via the Ramp
Via the Steps

Via the Ramp

As you go from the rear of northbound (front of southbound)trains you pass the shelter, continue forward for the ramp. The other end of the train may be beyond the ramp, move to the fence, turn right and find the exit to your left. If you find the shelter, then go back to the exit.

Go down the ramp and turn right towards the road crossing.


Via the Steps

Go beyond the front of northbound (rear of southbound) trains and find the gap to the steps, on your right. Take this turning right, turn right again, go down six steps then turn left towards the road crossing.

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