The Bridge

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You go up a steep ramp, going east, from platform 1. There's a rail on the left-hand (north) side. At the top, the bridge leads north to platform 2, whilst a metal gate leads east towards the ticket office.

Continuing North, there's a card only phone on the right-hand (east) side. Turn left (west) at the end and go down 16 then 15 steps, going west onto platform 2. There's tactile paving at the bottom of these steps and a hand rail to each side.

Continuing East from the top of the ramp, go through the gate, then turn left (north) through the door into the ticket office.

The sales window, with no induction loop, is in front of you, there are no other features of interest in this space.

You could leave the office and continue (south) onto Barrachnie Crescent, which is a residential street.

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