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If possible, you should arrange for assistance in advance by phoning 0800 912 2901.

Station Reception

The station reception is located on the north side of the concourse, up two flights of steps. However, there's a call button via which you can attract attention from staff.

The door to the foot of the steps is located between the entrances to WH Smith and Cooper's Bar, the call button is in a metal box, at wheelchair height, to your left of the door. Press the button and await response, the box also contains a microphone and speaker grill.

To Reach Reception

Go through the door, when unlocked remotely by staff, go up 21 steps, going north, turn right (northeast) and up 11 steps to the landing. The door to Reception is to your left. There's a call button on a panel to your left of the door.

Assistance Phones

The only assistance phone we found in the main concourse was on the wall of the police station building, north of platform 11. Pick up the handset and await a response from staff. Alternatively there is an assistance phone in the entrance to each of the disabled person's poilets, though this is really only meant to ask staff to unlock the door.

There's an assistance phone on each low level platform (14 and 15), on the wall behind the second (west) steps.

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