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The Travel Centre

The main entrance to the travel centre is to your right as you enter the station from Gordon Street. Go through the door and turn left. There are 11 ticket sales windows behind a series of metal rails controlling the queue. At the time of our survey, you emerged from the front of the queue facing desk no. 6. The desks are numbered 1 to 11 from left to right and, whilst we were there, the next free desk was being clearly announced.

There are three more windows on the opposite (west) wall, though these were closed at the time of our survey.

Local Destinations

There are two ScotRail ticket sales windows on the north side of the main concourse. As you enter from Gordon Street, turn right as you reach the concourse to find the windows to your right. There are also two ScotRail ticket sales windows on the north side of the low level concourse, turn left from the foot of the lift, escalator or steps to find the windows on your left, just beyond the point where the wall juts out into the concourse. Note that the lift also continues to the intermediate level, so you need the middle destination.

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Glasgow Central Station

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