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The Main Station

The platforms are numbered 1 to 15 from east to west. (see the General Description Page for more details).

Since platform usage in this station is subject to variation, we suggest you ask someone which platform you're on as you arrive. The doors will open on your left on odd number platforms or right on even numbers, as you face the front of the train.

This station is now gated, except for platforms 1 - 2 which may be guarded by removable barriers when no train is boarding. See our Detailed Description of the main concourse for details.

There are four gate lines across the other platforms, as follows: 3 - 6, 7 - 8, 9 - 10 and 11 - 15. Although there is room to move between these groups of platforms inside the gates, we suggest you use the gates opposite the platforms you want, this could be easier and safer.

At the time of our survey, March 2013, there was tactile paving along the edges of platforms 1 - 4 and 11 - 15. Tactile paving will be installed on the remaining platforms during the ongoing refurbishment of this station.

The Low Level Station

A single island platform runs east/west with platform 16, eastbound lying north of platform 17, westbound. The doors will open on your right as you face the front of the train. There is no tactile paving along either edge of the platform.

There is stairs and lift access between the platforms and the intermediate level. There is stairs, escalator and lift access between the intermediate level and the low level concourse. There is also stairs, escalator and lift access between the low level and main concourses.

From the Main Station

As this is a terminus station, you continue beyond the front of the trains.

The Virgin, Cross Country and East Coast services will normally arrive at the lower numbered platforms (1 - 5), whilst the higher numbered platforms are served by local, ScotRail services.

Since the ends of the platforms aren't in line, (see our Detailed Description of the Concourse page for details), we suggest you go through the nearest gate line before attempting to turn right. Note that platforms 1 - 2 are not gated and there's a more complex route from platforms 11 - 15, see below.

Platform 15 runs along the left-hand side of the station, whilst platforms 13 - 14 are off the vehicle turning circle. Tracks 12 - 15 end before track 11. There's an L-shaped gate line across platform 11 which is divided into two sections. the one across the end of the platform leads straight into the concourse, whilst from the left-hand section, you'd turn right for the concourse or left for the low level section of the station.

From Platform 15

Go to the end of the platform. The lift to the low level is in front of you. Turn right and continue, across the turning circle, towards platform 11. If you find tactile paving, you're approaching track 13, move left beyond the end of this before continuing forwards.

From Platforms 13 - 14

Continue beyond the end of track 13, to your right, then turn right past the ends of tracks 13 and 12, onto platform 11.

Having reached platform 11, turn left for the gate line. The left-hand gates in each section are normally the ones you need.

To Which Platform?

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