The Main Concourse

Going Clockwise from the Main Entrance (from Gordon Street)

As you enter the concourse, the wall retreats east, with the shell monument on the northwest corner of this recess.

Going East, Beyond the Shell

There's a second recess, leading to facilities and toilets. This second recess has:

Continuing South, Beyond the Second Recess

There's a third recess with a blank door on the east side and then WH Smith

The wall of the concourse curves left across the front of WH Smith, to become the north side.

North Side

East Side, Going South from the Union Street Entrance

South Side, Going West

A low wall juts north from the end of platform 2

West Side

2 FastTicket machines

The east support for the main departures board is just north of this wall.

Continuing South Side, Going West from Platform 2

The ends of tracks 6 and 7 lie about six metres south of the line established by the ends of tracks 1 to 5.

At the north end of platform 6 is a building which has:

Continuing South Side of the Concourse, West of Platform 6

The floor slopes up, the surface changes from concrete to tiles which are found throughout the concourse.

The north end of track 8 is about four metres south of the line established by the ends of tracks 6 and 7.

Continuing West, on the South Side, Beyond Platforms 7 and 8

The Concourse Recedes South, where you'll find on its East Side, (Going South)

As we move south past the phones towards platforms 9 and 10, we pass a building to our right, (on the west).

Building, which is at the North End of Platforms 9 and 10

Is Franco's Italian Cuisine restaurant. It has:

Continuing West on South Side, Across the Beginning of the Island Platforms 9 and 10

The Building Opposite the Ends of Tracks 10 and 11

The ends of tracks 10 and 11 are about four metres south of the line established by the end of track 9. The floor changes from tiles to concrete as you move south towards the gate line.

Continuing West on South Side, Beyond the Ends of Tracks 10 and 11

The gate line retreats south.

Continuing the Gate Line, Going South

Continuing South Side from the Beginning of Platform 11

The area inside the gates north of platforms 12 - 15 is described later. The barrier runs north along the east side of the vehicle turning circle, becoming the west side of the concourse.

The West Side of the Concourse, Going North from the Top of the Steps from the Low Level Concourse

The Transport Police Building

East Wall, Going North

Continuing Northeast on the West Side, Beyond the Transport Police Building

The front of the building veers left (north)

Continuing North on the West Side, Beyond the previous unit

The Recess Towards Steps to the Upper Level

South Side
West Side
North Side
East Side

Continuing North on the West Side, Beyond the Recess to the Upper Level

The Marks & Spencer building curves left onto a platform with a slope up to the north entrance to the Central Bar. On the north side of this platform are six steps down towards the Hope Street entrance. If you continue north from Marks & Spencer, the concourse recedes west into the exit to Hope Street.

North Side of the Concourse, from the Hope Street Entrance

Within the Concourse

The Gordon Street entrance is opposite the gate line at platforms 3 - 4. To the left (east) of this line, just north of the main departures board, is a seating area, facing north /south.

To the right (west) of this line are two information boards to the south of these is a seating area, also facing north/south.

There's a clear walkway across the concourse north from platforms 3 and 4.

West of this, going north from the main departures board are:

At the time of our survey, the concourse was also strewn with mobile information boards, so beware.

Inside the Gates

There are four gate lines across the concourse, guarding each group of platforms: 3 - 4, 5 - 8, 9 - 10 and 11 - 15. The gate lines for the higher numbered platforms are set south, roughly corresponding to the position of the beginning of the tracks at these platforms. There is a gap between the gate lines and the tracks so that buggies, going through the access gate (platforms 3 - 4), can reach other platforms, however, we think it's easier and safer to use the gate lines opposite the platforms you want.

The gate line at platforms 11 - 15 forms an L-shape around the beginning of platform 11. Platform 12, which shares this island platform, starts a few metres behind (south of) the escalator well for the low level concourse. Note that the vehicle access road runs east from the turning circle then turns north to the gate before (east of) the escalator well.

There's a low wall across the ends of tracks 12 - 13. As you continue (west) beyond this, you reach the vehicle turning circle, which is across the beginning of the island platform 13 - 14.

The ends of tracks 14 and 15 lie about four metres south of the line established by the ends of tracks 12 - 13.

The west wall of the station runs along platform 15, which is a separate platform.

The wall beyond the north end of this platform juts east with the lift to the low level station. This lift takes you to the low level concourse and intermediate level. Note that you need to take a second lift from there to reach platforms 16 - 17.

There's a metal rail before you reach the road which runs east, before curving south into the turning circle.

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