The station is located in the rectangle between Gordon Street (north), Argyle Street (south), Union Street (east) and Hope Street (west).


The station has six pedestrian entrances/exits:

The vehicle entrance is from the east side of Hope Street, which now only leads to a turning circle within the station. We understand this is for emergency vehicles only.

The main entrance from Gordon Street

The entrance is divided by a pillar at each end of the passage which runs south into the concourse. There's tactile matting at each end of this passage.

The section of Gordon Street between the main entrance and the door to the travel centre is under cover.

East Side Going South

North End

The pillar has large gates which can close the station.

West Side, Going South

The Union Street Entrance

There's tactile mat before the top of the steps. Go down 12 steps, going east, there's a wide landing with more tactile mat before you go down 16 steps, going east into Union Street.

There's a newspaper stand on the corner of the north side of this entrance.

The steps are divided into two sets by a central rail.

North Side of Landing

South Side of Landing, Going East

The Hope Street Entrance

You enter going east, up a slope into the northwest corner of the concourse. Note, there is only one set of tactile matting in this entrance, as opposed to the Gordon Street entrance, where there are two.

North Side

South Side

From the East Side of Hope Street into the Low Level Concourse

You go in through the first turning right from the junction of Argyle and Hope Streets, facing east into the low level concourse. As you continue forward, you pass the lift, escalators and stairs to the main concourse on your left before you reach the ticket sales windows.

From the North Side of Argyle Street into the Low Level Concourse

You go through the turning under the rail bridge, facing north into the low level concourse. Continue to the far side for the escalators or take the turning left for the ticket sales windows which will be on your right beyond the escalators.

From the South Side of Argyle Street

The entrance is under the rail bridge, you go over a slight lip in the floor then go down nine steps, going south, turn right (180 degrees, north) then go down nine steps, going north, to the intermediate level. You're at the south end of the east passage. You pass an open area to your right, then a pillar in the middle of the passage before you reach the south gate line.

Local Road Crossings

We surveyed the following junctions:

All these junctions have Pelican crossings at each arm, with push buttons and rotating cones to your right as you face the crossing.

All crossings are indicated by tactile paving, though this is made up of metal studs which become very slippery when wet.

Traffic flows north along Hope Street and south on Union Street.

Local Buses

The following stops were noted at the time of our survey:

Stop GL5

First Glasgow: X3, X4 and X5.
Hendersons: 68.

Stop GL7

Arriva: 3, 23, 23C, 24, 25, 25A, 36, 38 and 39.
Glasgow Citybus: 17.
First Glasgow: 303.
Beta Bus: 40.

Stop GL8

First Glasgow: 3, 7, 23, 40, 54, 55, 59, 61 and 75.
Paid Travel: 59.

Stop GL9

First Glasgow: 12, 19, 29, 38, 45, 45C, 56 and 138.
Canavan: 38.

Stop GL30

First Glasgow; 1, 12, 20, 54 and 66.
Caledonia: 7, 16, 44, 55, 75, 9, 18, 44A 56, 116, 5A, 44 and 66.
McKindless: 75.
Stage Coach: 175.

Stop GL31

Arriva: 3, 25, 39, 23, 25A, 23C, 36, 24 and 38.
First Glasgow: 303.
City Sprinter: 38.
Beta Buses: 40.
Stage Coach Western: 4.
Dixon's of Erskine: 38.

Stop GL32

First Glasgow: 23, 29, 38, 45, 47, 78, 57, 59, 138X and 78.

Stop GL 33

First Glasgow: 40, 43, 61, 62, 203, 240, 255, 262, 263 and 267.
McKindless: 67.
Stage Coach Glasgow: 162.

Local Features

Argyle Street, North Side, Going West from Union Street

Gordon Street, North Side, Going East from Hope Street

Gordon Street, South Side, Going West from Union Street

Hope Street, East Side, Going North from Argyle Street

Hope Street, West Side, Going North from Argyle Street

The following features are to your right (east).

Union Street, East Side, Going South from Gordon Street

The following features are to your right, (west).

Union Street, West Side, Going South from Gordon Street

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