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This page describes our recommended route to Glasgow Central station. You can use the bus service which connects these stations, or take a short walk. Although it may be quicker to reach Central Station by continuing south along West Nile Street, the route we suggest here passes through a more interesting shopping area along Buchanan Street.

By Bus

The bus picks up and drops off at the bus stop in Killermont Street opposite John Lewis. On arrival at Queens Street Station, you're outside the east entrance (North Hannover Street) and at Central, you're outside the travel centre. Turn left and locate the station entrance on your right.

To Walk

Leave via the main entrance, turn left (south) and continue to the pavement and turn right along Killermont Street.

Take the first turning left into West Nile Street, continue (south) then turn left again (east) into Sauchiehall Street, following this round to your right (south) into Buchanan Street.

Continue (south) along the left-hand side of Buchanan Street, crossing Bath Street then going down the three flights of steps outside the Buchanan Galleries.

Continue (south) on Buchanan Street, across West George Street and St Vincent Place. You could cross Buchanan Street now. Take the first right turn into Gordon Street and continue (west) along the left-hand side, crossing Mitchell Street and Union Street, till you reach the station entrance.

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