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This is the northern terminus of the West Coast line from Euston and the hub for various local services, (see the front page of this guide for more details). It is also the terminus for Cross Country and some East Coast services, via Edinburgh.

It is also a through station on the east/west line serving various local destinations.


The station is constructed on five levels:

The main concourse is a large, irregular shape which generally slopes up (south) towards the platforms. The platforms 1 to 14 (numbered from east to west) share seven island platforms which leave south from the concourse. Platform 15 is a separate platform which follows the west wall of the station.

The vehicle entrance from Hope Street is now only intended for emergency vehicles. There's a turning circle across the north ends of platforms 13 - 14 and a turning to the east towards a gate off the north end of platform 11.

The beginnings of the platforms are stepped south, such that:

The east/west line, platforms 16 and 17 runs at a lower level, south of the main concourse. Whilst the main concourse slopes up, both Hope and Union streets slope down to the south such that the low level concourse has street level entrances from Hope and Argyle streets. A lift at the north end of platform 15, plus escalators and steps, opposite platform 11, connect the low level and main concourses.

The lift from platform 15 also gives access to the intermediate level, which can also be reached from the low level concourse, via escalators and steps plus the stepped entrance from the south side of Argyle Street.

The intermediate level includes the rectangular space at the foot of the escalators and steps from the low level concourse and two passages which we'll call the east and west passages. The east passage leads south, past the east steps to the platforms, to the Argyle Street South entrance, whilst the west passage leads west, past the lift from the main concourse, before turning left towards the west steps and lift to the platforms.

Platforms 16 and 17 can be reached via steps, or the lower lift, from the intermediate level. Platform 16, eastbound lies north of platform 17, westbound.

This station is now gated, except for platforms 1 - 2, see our detailed descriptions of the main concourse and intermediate level for details.

The upper level to the west can be reached via steps or lift from the west side of the main concourse, whilst Station Reception is reached via steps from the north. Note, there's an intercom at the foot of these steps to call for staff assistance.


There is step-free access to both concourses from street level. Lifts provide step-free access throughout this station. There is also stairs access to all areas.

We therefore believe the station is accessible to Guide Dog and wheelchair users.

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