The Intermediate Level


This is the section of the station which lies between the low level concourse and platforms 16 and 17.

This level includes two passages, the one leading south from the area at the foot of the escalators, we'll call the east passage, whilst the one leading west from this space will be called the west passage.

The east passage leads south, across the top of the east steps to the platforms, to the Argyle Street south entrance. The west passage leads west, past the lift from the main concourse then turns left (south) the lift to the platforms is on the east side of this passage, whilst the west steps lead down from the west.

There are three gate lines in this part of the station:

To Reach

From the low level concourse, you can go down the escalator, going west, or go down 10 steps, going south, turn right (180 degrees) then down 10 steps, going north, into the area at the foot of the escalators. The lift is on the north side of the west passage, inside the gates.

The Area at the Foot of the Steps and Escalators

East Side, Going South

South Side, Going West

West Side, Going North

North Side

The East Passage

The passage leads south through swing doors, open at the time of our survey. There's a gate line across the passage with two automatic entrances to the left-hand (east) and two automatic exits to your right (west) of these.

East Side

West Side

Beyond the south gate line, the passage continues to the Argyle Street South exit. There's a pillar in the middle of the passage.

The South Gate Line, from the East

The West Passage

There's a gate line across the east end of this passage.

The West Gate Line, from the South

The passage leads west, through swing doors which were open at the time of our survey. You pass the lift to the low level concourse and platform 15 to your right, then some blank doors before the passage turns left (south).

At the end of the passage, the lift to the platforms is to your left (east), whilst the west steps to the platforms are to your right.

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