This is a passage leading east from the low level Hope Street entrance. The lift, escalators and steps from the main concourse are on the left-hand (north) side followed by the ticket sales windows which jut out (south). The well for the escalators to the intermediate level is beyond these.

The steps to the intermediate level are on the right-hand (south) side before the passage turns right towards the Argyle Street north entrance.

To Reach

From the Main Concourse

Follow the right-hand (west) side of the concourse beyond the shops and the police building. There are railings to your right with an information board in front of them. The gate line to platforms 11 - 15 is now to your left. Continue (south) to the escalators and steps to the lower level concourse. As you face these, the steps are to the right and the two escalators to your left. The left-hand escalator is normally the one you need.

If you use the steps, go down 14, 14 then 15 steps, going south, into the low level concourse.


West End

  low level entrance from Hope Street

North Side, Going East

  recess with lift, up to the main concourse and down to the intermediate level
steps from main concourse
up escalator
down escalator
recess with staff door in east side
2 ticket sales windows
wall juts out and continues around escalator well
recess to escalators to intermediate level

The Recess to Escalators

West Side, Going North

  down escalator
up escalator

North Side


East Side, Going South

  blank wall, opposite escalators
2 pay phones
blank wall of HielanMan's pub

The wall continues to the Argyle Street entrance which is under the bridge. There's a newspaper stall at the east side of this entrance.

West Wall of Entrance


South Side, Going West

  back door to Ladbrokes
destination boards in the middle of the passage, opposite the ticket sales windows

East Side


South Side, Going West

  steps down to intermediate level
Carfone Repair Centre

West Side


Continuing West on South Side, beyond the Recess

  newspaper stall
Caffe L'ombrellone

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