This is an island platform running east/west with no tactile paving along either edge. The east steps are towards the east end of the platform, whilst the west steps are about in the middle. The lift is between these two sets of steps.

To Reach

Via the East Passage

Follow the passage south then take the turning right, go down 12 then 12 steps, going west, platform 16, eastbound is to your right; 17, westbound to your left. At the time of our survey, we were about 15 metres behind the rear of the westbound train.

Via the West Passage

Go (west) through the doors, with a pillar in the middle, pass the lift from platform 15 on your right. Follow the passage left (south) past blank doors. At the end of this passage is the lift, in a recess to your left and the steps down to your right. Go down 12 then 12 steps, going west onto the platform. Platform 16, eastbound is to your right, 17, westbound to your left. You're about in the middle of the trains.

Platform 16, Eastbound, from the Front (East End)

  slope off end
blank wall
first steps, up east, entrance or exit
pillar with low seats
pillar with seats
rear of westbound train is here
blank wall of lift shaft
door to lift in west side, call button to your left of the door
pillar with seats
pillar with seats
wall of second stair well, with seats
assistance phone
pillar with seats
end of building, second steps up east from west side
row of pillars and seats, about six metres apart, continues
slope off west end

At the time of our survey, the rear of the eastbound train was about 15 metres west of the west steps.

Platform 17

Features are as per platform 16.

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