Platforms 9 and 10


These platforms have separate entrances with features in between which effectively separate the two platforms. A row of round pillars, with sharp studs, about six metres apart runs along each platform. There is no tactile paving near either edge. The ends of tracks 10 and 11 are about 4 metres south of that for track 9.

The gate line extends across the beginning of the platforms, see details of the concourse for more information.

Platform 9, from the North

The platform remains covered by a lower roof supported by pillars. The station roof extends over platform 10 and above.

Continuing South on Platform 9, Beyond the Start of the Lowered Roof

Platform 10, from the North

There's a blank wall behind the building with round windows on platform 9. apart from that all features on Platform 10 are as described above for platform 9.

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