To Buchanan Bus Station.

By Bus

There's a bus stop outside the Travel Centre for the bus to Queen Street and Buchanan Bus stations. Leave via the main entrance, into Gordon Street and turn left. The bus stop is on your right after a few metres.

On arrival at Queen Street Station,you're outside the North Hannover Street (east) entrance. On arrival at Buchanan Bus Station, you arrive in Killermont Street, outside the bus station.

To Walk

Although you could cross Gordon Street, turn right and take the thirdd left into West Nile Street and continue to Killermont Street, we're recommending the following route as it passes more interesting shops and features.

Leave the station via the main entrance, into Gordon Street, turn right (east), continue across Union Street and Mitchell Street into Buchanan Street then turn left (north). Continue on the right-hand side, crossing St Vincent Place and West George Street, before continuing up six, seven then six steps. You're now outside the Buchanan Galleries; continue across Bath Street and follow the pavement round to your left into Sauchiehall Street.

Take the first turn right into West Nile Street then continue (north) across Killermont Street, then turn right.

Continue (east), past Langs Hotel and the forecourt of the bus station and locate the wall to your left, beyond the forecourt. You can turn left here, and go round the barriers in front of the cafe, before turning right towards the concourse; or continue (east) and take either of the three entrances into the bus stance area, on your left. Note, if you find a down kerb, you've overshot and reached the first bus access road.

For directions within the bus station, read our Buchanan Street Bus Station guide.

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