To the Ladies and Gents Toilets plus Showers

The entrance is on the east side of the concourse, south of the Union Street entrance to the station. There's a tactile mat before the top of the steps. You go down 8 steps, going east, turn right; (180 degrees) down 9 then 7 going west. There's a tactile mat at the foot of the steps. There's a change machine on the wall (head height) to your left and the turnstiles, 20 p entrance charge, are in front of you. Beyond the turnstiles are booths with male and female attendants. The entrance to the ladies is to your right, the gents to your left. The baby changing room is through the left-hand (south) wall.

Accessible Poilet A

This is on the east side of the concourse. Turn left beyond the shell monument, pass Thomas Cook to your left. There's an assistance phone (box with a button) to alert staff. The toilet door is beyond the phone.

Accessible Toilet B

The entrance is on the west side of the concourse, up a slope before you reach Costa Coffee.

You go west, up a steep slope. On the left-hand (South) Wall is a blank door, assistance phone (box with button) to alert staff, followed by the toilet door.

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