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The platform runs approximately northwest from the foot of the steps from the Victoria Road entrance, though there is a slight curve to the right throughout its length. Platform 1, for trains towards Glasgow Central is to the left (southwest) whilst platform 2, towards Cathcart is to the right (northeast).

There is tactile paving towards each edge of the island platform and a well-defined drainage channel runs almost the entire length of platform 1. The platform slopes towards this channel from each side, the slope being more marked from platform 2.

This channel must not be confused with another channel on platform 2, which merely runs beside the station building.

There is some poorly-defined tactile paving to each side at the foot of the steps. The platform continues southeast, beyond the foot of the steps, to each side, though your strongly advised not to go there. There's a metal post, in the middle of the platform, about two metres northwest of the foot of the steps, the drainage channel on platform 1 starts here and the tactile paving to each side of the platform is better defined.

A concrete post on each platform with wire netting beyond, marks the beginning of the path towards Niddrie Road. The platform continues northwest to each side of this path before sloping down to track level, you're strongly advised not to go here. You can be sure you're on the path by following the wire netting, which runs along each side of the path, inside the lines of posts.

The Island Platform, Going Northwest from the Foot of the Steps from the Victoria Road Entrance

All features are in the middle of the platform unless stated otherwise.

  metal post
drainage channel starts on platform 1
information board, with 2 posts along the platform
post on concrete plinth
covered area starts
station building, about 3 metres beyond the start of the covered area

The Station Building

Southeast Side


Southwest Side, Going Northwest

  door to booking office, 2 stets up northeast the bottom step sticks out onto the platform
blank door with step sticking out onto platform
blank door, with step sticking out onto platform

Northwest Side

  sand bin

Northeast Side, Going Northwest

  drainage channel along platform
ramp to booking office, rail round southeast and northeast sides, go up southeast and turn right into entrance
blank door with step, not sticking out
blank door with step, not sticking out

Continuing Northwest Along the Platform, Beyond the Building

  covered area ends, about three metres northwest of the building
billboard, on 2 posts
information board on 2 posts
cctv camera etc on platform 2
cctv etc., on platform 1
drainage channel ends
path towards Niddrie Road, after about three metres.

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