The Concourse


This is basically a rectangular space divided into two sections by the gate line which runs east/west.

The area outside the gates includes:

The area inside the gates includes the upper level platforms, 1 - 7, leading north.

The Concourse, Outside the Gates

North Side, Going East

The Passage as it leads North toward Hanover Street Exit

West Side: barrier beside platform 7
North Side: wall
East side: automatic entrance/exit doors
South Side: windows to waiting lounge

East Side, Going South

South Side, Going West

West Side, Going North

The Passage to the Dundas Street Exit

This passage leads west from the concourse, between shops and the travel centre before turning right (north). The main entrance to the travel centre and entrance to the lower level are on the right-hand (east) side of the passage. There are three sets of doors to the Dundas Street entrance on the left-hand (west) side.

South Side, Going West from the Concourse
  • fire exit
  • photo booth
  • Boots
  • trolley point
  • billboards
  • 2 phones
  • tactile flooring inside Dundas Street entrance
North Side windows of travel centre
West Side, Going North
  • south entrance from Dundas Street
    middle entrance from Dundas Street
    WH Smith
    2 blank doors
    north entrance from Dundas Street
East Side, Going North
  • entrance to travel centre
    ticket machine
    blank door
    2 ticket windows for lower level
    manual gate
    4 automatic exits
    3 automatic entrances

North End, Going East

  photo booth
ticket machine
blank doors

Within the Concourse, from the West

  8 back-to-back seats, between the west gates and Cafe Bonapartes
bank of four ticket machines, between the George Square entrance and the central barrier
8 back-to-back seats, between Costa Coffee and the east gates
bank of eight phones, between Costa Coffee and platform 7

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